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I was there when jesus came down from the cross...
Everyone was just standin' round like idiots...

These are the things that you can't explain
Killing all of what's makin' you ok
Shouldn't be that way.

So this is how to talk when you speak to angels
Dreamin' while you walk with chimin' bangles yeah
I could see it tonight...

This is what they say when they tell the storya cold hearts waitin for a moments glory
Guess I don't knew why...
They're always singin'

My love will take you higher
My heart is still on fire yeah...
Wanna hear you say

Your love can take this higher
To everything that you desire yeah...
Wanna hear you say

Tell me babe are you feelin' down givin' up your hope
Sure I know that these feelins' they won't let you go...

These sort of things shouldn't block your way
And believin's all you need to feel ok...
It should be easy...

009 Sound System - Speak to Angels

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