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Hey Se?orita, mi alma no olvida
Como puedes ser tan linda,
Te quiero mas y mas.
Hey Se?orita, mi morena querida,
Esta noche con amor, vamos a jugar.

Verse 1:
When the sun is going down she’s dancing on me
The greatest part of the night, is when she moves her body,
I love her skills crossing over the bound,
The way she’s touching the sound.

Hey don’t lie, girl you must proove it,
Baby, try, to keep your body movin’
Hey don’t lie, girl you must proove it,
Baby, try, to keep your body movin’.


Verse 2:
Let the moon watch us dance
Fill the night with romance,
Baby let’s dance around the fire.
Let me kiss you on time,
I won’t act like a mime,
Baby feel me, fulfill my desire.

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