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I need your love like the world needs sun above
I like your face in one hundred different ways
Why did you say you’re not able to stay ?
Don’t hurt me so , please don’t say you have to go
I need your love
Like the freeing hands need gloves
I like your flare like the heaven need the air
What’s in the life when you said I go my way
I really cried all the tears I couldn’t hide

You’re so shine shine shine and you always run away
If you could fly fly fly, you would leave without delay
Stay here my love I will prove you my words
Please come back to me, can I not tell you enough
I need your love
I need your love

I need your love like the ocean needs the dove
I feel your touch and it suits me so much
What can I do when I know I’m losing you
To god I will pray that you want me just one day

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