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Fixement, le ciel se tord
Quand la bouche engendre un mot
La je donnerai ma vie pour t`entendre
Te dire les mots, les plus tendres

When all becomes all alone
I break my life for a song
And two lives, that`s to tomorrow`s smile
I know, I will say goodbye
But a fraction of this life
I will give anything, anytime

L`univers a ses mysteres
Les mots sont nos vies
We can kill a life with words
So how would it feel
Si nos vies sont si fragiles
Words are mistery
Les mots les sentiments
Les mots d`amour un temple

If I swept the world away
What could touch the universe
I would tell you how the sun rose high
You could, with a word, become one

Et pour tous ces mots qui blessent
Il y a ceux qui nous caressent
Qui illuminent, qui touchent l`infini
Meme si le meant existe
For a fraction on this life
I will give anything, anytime

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