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Why, why can't we live this love she hides so deep inside?
I know she feels the same I do
Now there are so many reasons why this story dies
My heart didn't want to hear
Love you... love not...

Loving, spending tears in vain
I'm slowly growing stronger
So now I know I'm wrong each time
Breathing, I recall your name
We always need possessions
You taught me love is here

I used to lie, to avoid the pain
Give myself away, now you still remain
Flows through my heart, must set it free
I won't hold together love and rage

I could not explain in my tired mind how happened, why
How could it be that way?
I tried to understand but in these days
I was so blind
Now tears are dry I realie

We always forget - but you still remain
We come and go - but you still remain
We just change points of view - but love
You're always there

I just close my eyes, there is no time, no space
In drops of night what remains it is you...

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