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Текст песни:

What's that playing on the radio?
Why do I start swayin' too and fro?
I have never heard that song before,
But if I don't hear it anymore

It's still familiar to me
Sends a thrill right through me
'Cause those chords remind me of the night that I first fell in love to

Those Magic Changes,
My heart arranges
A melody that's never the same
A melody that's callin' your name
And begs you please come back to me (la la la la)
Please return to me,
Don't go away again,
Oh make them play again
The music I wanna hear as once again
You whisper in my ear
Oh, my darlin' uh huh.

I'll be waitin' by the radio,
You'll come back to me someday I know
Been so lonesome since your last goodbye
But I'm singin' as I cry-y-ay

While the bass is sounding,
While the drums are pounding,
Beating up my broken heart,
We'll rise to first place on the charts.

Oh, my heart arranges
Those Magic Changes
Oh oh, yeah yeah yeah
Oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh!

Sha-Na-Na - Those Magic Changes LP 1978


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