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Closer to May, I open all my windows
and sit for hours on the sill
staring at the sky
thinking 'bout things that don’t depend on us.

My faded eyes like distress calls
Like wounded sinking ships in the sea of an unawareness
This boy never waits for summer
and never asks himself
"Is it wrong to stare in the mirror and see no familiar face?"

Walking alone
I'm unwanted by my homeless home
These walls, these doors
My traitors and watchdogs
Trying to hold my breath
Cast down my eyes
(I'm ready)
To pretend that I don’t recognie their faces.
They're here not with me (not to me)
Surely, they want me to leave
How many times have I asked God, just let them imagine how it feels to be unloved.
My hell is paved with your good intentions.
Your recklessness and indifference made me dead
because the best thing you have ever said - "Shut up and go to bed"
Because the best thing that I've ever had - "Shut up and go to bed"

Lay on the floor
Never answer the phone
You gave me reason to waste myself alive
There’s no sense in different colors of walls
There’s no use in deceptive softness of beds
These long days won’t seem to get shorter
No measure
To rate this meaningless

Release me!

I heard the story of a boy who saw the world
Jumping from the highest point to the ocean with no shore
He dreamt about the struggle, but the waves were so unkind
I see him every day, but I can’t feel peace of mind

"Rye fields are calling
Mist from them is crawling into my room
It whispers my name and i have no place to hide
From this sweet and luring sound"

Life slipped away through my fingers like a wine
Love that you've lost burns my fingers, burns my eyes
This world is unknown, so alluring, shines so bright
Here, under sill, under window, under sill
It's better than this stuffy hated room
Where I'm burning and dying, almost breathless and weak
I will have my revenge, I will try the taste of life
Just one step, down the window, not sick, fed up

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